Custom profile CSS in OldTwitter

Custom profile CSS in OldTwitter

Posted on Sunday, 30th July, 2023

What and Who

Hi, starting from OldTwitter 1.7.4 limited amount of users will be able to style their profile with CSS and everyone (70,000+ users) will be able to see their style!!

Now first question would be who's included in this limited amount, and here's the answer:

Easiest way to get this is obviously donating, starting from $3 tier on my Patreon you will be able to get this, just message me your Twitter profile link on Patreon after subscribing!


If you want to get access without being a patron, you can help translating or contribute to code.


Why is this limited?

First off, is to give incentive to donate or anyhow support the extension, it's a huge work to do. I also can't make this public because I won't be able to easily moderate people's styles.

Why is this a thing?

Because it's cool. Old internet encouraged styling your profile and being creative, nowadays every popular social media took this option from users, everything is bland, boring and corporate.

I understand that not everyone will like this, which is why you can disable profile styles in settings ("Disable profile customizations" option).


If you got access to this, here's some tips and rules:

That's all! Thank you for reading.