The Migration 2

The Migration 2

Posted on Wednesday, 26 of August 2020

Almost all my posts start with "i'm still alive", but yeah I'm still alive!!

A lot of stuff happened in first half of 2020, a lot of projects were made and a lot of them were cancelled. You can also see new logo up there, are you smart enough to find the easter egg there? Back on topic: today I moved VPS from Hetzner to Contabo, I'll probably update this post later to tell my experience and will make a Contabo review.

Hetzner is pretty cool, but I needed better server specs for my projects, that's why I moved. I had 100% uptime on Hetzner, interesting what uptime there will be on Contabo..

Join my Discord server for updates and stuff, since I don't post often here anyways.

Update: first incident happened after few days since I bought it, host was down for few hours, I've mailed staff and they fixed it after 2 mails. Since that incident, nothing happened.

Update 4 years after: still using Contabo. Apart from like 4 few-hour incidents overall, they're all good. AntiDDOS is non-existent though, Cloudflare handles that for me instead.