NavLink Ads!

NavLink Ads is an ad system for personal websites. It cycles between ads every 30 seconds. It does not host any commercial ADs, and it does not cost money to join. Every ad in the system is for personal websites only, and preferrably hand coded sites (so nothing made with a website builder).

Want your AD in the system? You can contact me on Discord, e-mail or any other social. Send me a link to the image as well as your site URL. If you don't want your bandwidth being used up, host it somewhere like Imgur or Catbox.

It is preferrable that you add the widget too on your site to promote other sites in network. Also pls follow me (jkjk, unless?)

Images shouldn't include words like "ad" "promo" "advert" etc in their titles. Most adblock systems flag it and it'll cause the widget to disappear. That includes directories as well.

I also suggest you don't put text too low on the image because it might get covered by the "NavLink Ads" box. I don't think I can make it smaller.

How the widget will look:

Embed it:

Experimental smaller version:

You can technically resize the widget to any size as long as it's 1:1, but it might be blurrier. This is a half sized version for tiny sites.

Embed it: